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At IREC it is hard to pin down a typical day. We believe that young children develop through exploring, playing and engaging with their innate curiosity. The world they live in is exciting and there to be discovered; from reading and art, to nature and the environment. We encourage them and guide them as they explore their world and each age group's learning experience evolves with them. As the children move into our kindergarten program, we slowly increase structured learning so they are prepared to enter and thrive in a structured first-grade program. All this time, we still encourage them to engage with their curiosity and love of learning. Here are examples of some of the activities our children take part in during the day:
Morning Welcome

Every day at IREC begins with our morning welcome. The children come together in a group and we talk about all the things we will be doing that day. The teachers all speak Spanish all day. For new children, it can take a few weeks for them to begin to understand, but it is remarkable how quickly many children quickly become comfortable with understanding, and then speaking in Spanish.

Community Skills
Art and Drama
Reading and Writing

Children developing creativity, self- confidence and self-expression  

Children developing fine motor skills, important elementry school skills and a love of learning

Natural World

Children developing creativity, fine motor skills, and social play

Children exploring the world around them and developing an appreciation for their environment

Lights and Shadows
Open Choice Exploration

Children developing fine motor skills and an understanding of the physical world

Children learning to engage their own curiosities, make their own choices and enjoy discovery 

Free Play

Children developing fine and gross motor skills, social skills and how to have lots of fun. 

Children learning to take care of themselves, their friends and those around them

Nap Time and Quiet Time

Children developing creativity, fine motor skills and a love of exploration 

Recuperation is critical to learning; our younger children nap and older children have quiet time 

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